Hearing aid accessories

Kaanchana Speech & Hearing Clinic will not only take care of your hearing issues by providing you with hearing tests and hearing aids, we also stock a full range of accessories too.
The hearing aid accessories and products we can offer you:

  • Hearing aid maintenance products to help keep your hearing aids running for years to come
  • Wax guards to stop ear wax from clogging your hearing aids
  • Open fit tubes, speakers and domes designed to provide you with clearer, stronger hearing
  • A variety of hearing aid batteries including rechargeable batteries
  • Ear care products and lubricants to make fitting your hearing aids a breeze
  • Cordless, vibrating and flashing telephones so you can keep in touch with family and friends with ease.
  • Our standard fitting ear plugs provide you with a inexpensive hearing protection device so you can still enjoy your housework and entertainment
  • Custom ear protection such as musician ear plugs and swimming ear plugs if you’re looking for the best in ear protection
  • Assistive listening devices for both cochlear implant and hearing aids user.
  • Wireless accessories to link your hearing aids to audio devices such as TV, MP3 Players and computers


Want to find out about how to maintain your hearing aids? You can get tips from KSHC professionals here


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