About Us

Kaanchana Speech & Hearing Clinic founded in 2008 is a pioneer in Speech & Hearing healthcare in North Karnataka, housing complete diagnostic facilities and all Speech &Hearing rehabilitation services under one roof.

A well established and growing clinic. KSHC is led by professionals whose passion is patient care. KSHC offers its clients full diagnostic hearing tests / hearing checks/ industrial monitoring, consultation, and evaluation as well as hearing aid fitting and servicing and access to rehabilitation programs and hearing aid accessories.

Our culture supports ongoing staff training and development ensuring the highest standard of care is delivered to our clients.

We are committed to our three step client care approach of Preventative, Diagnostic and Rehabilitative solutions to Speech & Hearing disorders which means we are here to support every step of the way.

KSHC believes professional hearing service is not just providing a hearing aid, but also backing it up with scientific reliability, quality service and continuous support. Remaining at the forefront of technology, KSHC will continue to change people's life for the better. The KSHC Professionals will work with you to develop a clear understanding of your needs, explain your specific hearing loss clearly to you, and discuss the products and features available to meet your specific needs.